Leisure Rowing

We aim to offer a more relaxed and informal approach to rowing with the flexibility to row at times that suit the individual.

Recreational rowing started at Grosvenor with a Dutch member who arrived in Chester with his very own Dutch Touring Skiff. A group of our members tried it, enjoyed it and then went on to buy their own boat, the Eider. The Eider has been on the British Rowing Tour every year since, taking on the waters of the Thames, Severn, Trent, Lancaster Canal and Windermere to name just a few. Members of the Explore Rowing Squad have also travelled to Holland, France and Germany with the Dutch Rowing Association.

Explore rowing is an initiative by British Rowing to encourage the non-competitive side of rowing in England. With its history and enthusiasm for recreational rowing, Grosvenor was chosen as one of the pilot clubs and in 2010 received a funding package from Explore Rowing, enabling the expansion of our recreational boating fleet.

The aim is to increase participation in the sport and offer access to individuals who cannot give the time and commitment needed to join a competitive squad.

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